doyald young 1926-2011

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Was sad to hear yesterday of the passing of Doyald Young an amazing designer and typographer. He’d been drawing letterforms since 1948 creating logos for Prudential, Max Factor and Vidal Sassoon amongst others and designed a number of typefaces including ITC Eclat.

He was part of a generation that was wholly focused on skill and craft. He should be an inspiration to designers today. Less time trying to get followers on twitter and more time honing our skills and continuing to learn.

In 2009 AIGA awarded him the prestigious AIGA Medal for his contributions to the field of graphic design. On December 18, 2010 Art Center College of Design bestowed on him an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

I heard a quote once from a famous Art Director who’s name escapes me, when asked when he realised he’d made it in advertising, he replied, ‘the day I believe I’ve made it, is the day my career is over.’ Doyald Young seemed to have that same philosophy.

I wish I had the pleasure of meeting him, from watching the brilliant documentary/interview of him on, he was an inspirational man. I love this quote from him. ‘There are no secrets to what I do, just hard work and observation.’

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